Saturday, May 10, 2008

Review: Riedenschild Original WavemasterPro Diver

Ref. 1128-02

by C. Bradley Jacobs

7 MAY 2008

Photo copyright WatchCarefully.comOn the heels of their very successful DarkSea and Wavemaster diver lines, Riedenschild Original, based in Germany, has introduced another appealing diver design: the Wavemaster Pro (Ref. 1128-02), featuring the 25-jewel GeMatic Cal. 0888. Available as a steel or rose-gold plated watch, the German-made WavemasterPro is an attractive interpretation of the classic scuba watch and is built to handle the rigors of the sport. The sapphire crystal, screw-down crown, helium release valve, uni-directional rotating bezel and sturdy rubber straps all attest to the claimed ability of this watch to remain water-resistant, and functional, to a depth of 300 meters.

Photo copyright WatchCarefully.comNot content merely to be a tool watch, the rose gold-plated version of the Wavemaster Pro (shown here) is easily transformed into an elegant, almost formal, timepiece by a quick change of the accompanying leather straps, with matching buckle. The retro-style dagger hands and pointed hour markers will appeal to fans of classic watches, while the sapphire crystal in the optional display back (still WR to 50 meters) will appeal to fans of modern timepieces.

Photo copyright Watchcarefully.comThe watch is delivered with two casebacks--one solid steel back to ensure water resistance, and a display-back with a sapphire crystal. On display behind the latter is one of the new movements to the Riedenschild line-up: the Gematic Caliber 0888. This gilt 25-jewel automatic is based upon an iconic Swiss movement, modified and installed in Germany by GeMatic who, according to Riedenschild executive Dr. James Newell, blues the screws, balances and decorates the rotor and adds finishing to various movement parts. Clearly Riedenschild is taking its claims of quality seriously, by offering movements based upon proven calibers, and is backing these claims with a two-year warranty.

Riedenschild's quality packaging - Photo courtesy R.O.Measuring 40 mm in diameter and XX mm thick, the WavemasterPro is sufficiently large without being excessively bulky or merely large to suit the current fashion. The watch is delivered in an attractive black leather box with sporty red stitching which matches some of the available OEM straps. The brand’s logo is printed on the inside of the lid, which snaps shut to protect the timepiece wrapped around a soft pillow within.

Priced at $999, this edition of 1000 watches will certainly be in demand among fans of the Riedenschild Original marque, and should make those just becoming aware of the brand sit up and take notice. Information is available via the brand's web portal ( which provides the means for contacting the manufacturer, learning about the full model line or locating authorized retailers.

Photo copyright WatchCarefully.comThis bold new Riedenschild Original model sports many features watch buyers expect of limited editions (which this is) at high prices (which this watch has not):

* Crowns with logo cabochon

* Form-fitted rubber straps with signed buckle

* Signed leather straps with signed buckle

* Sapphire crystals

* Two case backs - one that displays the movement, another to ensure 300m WR

* Leather box with sporty red stitching


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