Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bombardier Swiss Chronographs by B-Watches

Bombardier, the company best known for its planes, has licensed a line of Swiss chronographs through B Watches. Their line of watches is rugged and classic. The Vintage BB1&BB2 watches are automatic chronographs. The Airjet collection is comprised of quartz chronographs and there are also Deep Diver and Subdiver models. Large pictures are in the gallery. So far the handsome watches aren't too well known in the U.S. but they recently entered into an agreement with Saro Gem to sell the watches in the States, so I suspect that will change.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sporty Watches

In addition to tuning BMWs (and lately, beating them with an ugly stick in the process), AC Schnitzer offers a series of wristwatches. Who knew? This week, the company unveiled its Quartz Chronograph 2. Handsome and traditional in appearance (unlike some of its newer vehicle body kits), the new chrono features a brushed stainless case that's water resistant to 100 meters. A tachometer rings its pale yellow face, which also includes separate hour, minute, and second counters. A black leather strap with white contrast stitching affixes the timepiece to your wrist, and checking the time at night is no problem, either. The entire face is made of phosphorescent Luminova. Schnitzer doesn't say how much the new chrono costs, but we're fairly certain it's a good deal more than your garden-variety Timex.


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Watches spotted at the Movies

If you were one of the many people who helped propel "I Am Legend" to the top of the box office, you might have seen this watch. The Hamilton Khaki Sunset is worn by Will Smith in the movie, helping him be aware of sunset and avoid the things that go bump in the night. The Khaki Sunset has a 44mm stainless steel case with sapphire crystal and display back. It is water resistant to 200 meters. The watch uses the automatic ETA caliber 2893 movement with second timezone complication. This watch displays the time of sunset on the 15th of the month in 6 cities of the world: London, Gander, Los Angeles, Nadi, Manila and Muscat. The watch retails for $795.



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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A look inside Rolex


1. Rolex was first to implement free-sprung balances across its entire range of Oyster watches. Free-sprung balances are regulated by adjusting the inertia of the balance. The other system for regulating watches uses a regulator to adjust the torque of the hairspring. It is easier to implement, but not as reliable. Free-sprung balances also require a high degree of precision and uniformity in balance and the hairspring.

2. Rolex was the first to experiment with silicium as a material for escapement components. Prototype escapement wheels and pallets were created at the IMT for Rolex out of silicum. While interested in silicium, Rolex feels that the traditional materials, with correct lubrication, offer superior performance as they create less friction. However, it continues to conduct extensive research on alternative materials, including silicium and artificial diamond for many applications in watchmaking, and continues to study these techniques.

3. Rolex’s proprietary balance wheel uses special Microstella nuts that are easy to adjust and set on the inner rim of the balance to reduce aerodynamic turbulence.

4. Back when Rolex used the Zenith El Primero chronograph movement for their Daytona watches, movements were detuned from 36,000 vph to 28,800 vph. Rolex found that reducing vibrational speed and using a balance with greater inertia led to better long-term accuracy and stability.

5. Rolex’s Parachrom hairspring is the only metallic spring totally impervious to the force of magnetism. It is also ten times more resistant to shock than traditional hairsprings made from Invar.

6. We have reason to believe that in the near future, all Rolex watches will use Parachrom hairsprings. Rolex is the only large commercial watch brand with this level of independence from Nivarox, which supplies the majority of hairsprings in the Swiss watch industry.

7. Rolex was the first to produce a modern GMT watch (the GMT-Master II), where date was synchronized both forwards and backwards to local time. This way, if you ended up in a time zone earlier than yours and had crossed the international date line, your date would turn back as the hands pass the midnight threshold.

8. The vertical clutch in Rolex’s in-house chronograph calibers is the only vertical clutch that can be totally disassembled for service. In all other vertical clutch chronographs, the clutch mechanism is simply overlooked during service and must be fully replaced if it is not functioning.

9. Rolex’s Yacht-Master II Chronograph is the first regatta chronograph where the duration of the countdown can be programmed. This is because there is no standardization of countdown for boat races around the world.

10. If the countdown on the Yacht-Master II is started late, pushing the reset pusher will cause the minute countdown hand to leap to the nearest minute before. If the countdown is started early, the minute countdown hand will be repositioned to the minute after. This function allows boat captains to instantly synchronize their watches with the race’s official countdown.

11. Rolex’s Everose rose gold is the only rose gold that will maintain its color even after exposure to chlorinated water. The stability of its color comes from addition of platinum to its composition. Traditionally, rose gold comprises of 75% gold, 21% copper and 4% zinc.

But when exposed to pool water or even some tap water, chlorine ions dissolve the copper atoms, leaving only gold on the surface. Rolex’s Everose consists of 76% gold, 22% copper and 2% platinum. The platinum stabilizes the copper atoms, preventing chlorine from affecting them.

12. Rolex watches feature the only widely industrialized movements where date can be adjusted regardless of the position of the watch’s hour hands. In almost all other watches, when the hands are between 9 am to 3 am, adjusting the date can result in serious damage to the watch.
Not so for a Rolex — a further example of Rolex’s dedication to useful innovation.



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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The New England's Tom Brady Movado Watch

Handsome and winning New England quarterback Tom Brady is more than just a good player, he also lends his name and/or face to a variety of products including Stetson cologne and Smartwater. He also has his own watch from Movado. The Tom Brady Limited Edition 800 Series Chronograph by Movado is inspired by Tom's "impeccable timing on the field." It has a textured dial and an XtremeResin strap that is reinforced with Kevlar.. The watch has a steel case with a rotating bezel and uses a Swiss automatic movement. The production is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and it costs $2,500. It looks like it is already sold out at Saks online. The less fancy non-celeb version of the Movado 800 Series sells for $1,200.

[via Professional Watches]

By: Deidre Woollard


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